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Everything seems to last just a little longer, taste a little sweeter, make you breathe a little deeper here on the Northumberland Shore. The sands of our beautiful beaches slope away so gently into the deliciously warm waters of the Northumberland Strait that you feel like you can walk forever before your knees even get wet. The sun sets slowly and spectacularly over stalwart lighthouses and teams of horses plying sugar bush forests; over festivals celebrating Celtic culture and over the ancient birthplace of Mi'kmaq legends. The ghosts of Scottish Highlanders who arrived by ship centuries ago can be heard in the haunting lullabies of a solitary piper and in the laughter of children at the Highland Games. Here, boat builders and blacksmiths still take pride in their craft. And this is where the best way to get there – wherever there may be: historic sites, vineyards of an award-winning winery, to the Highland Games or a summer theatre festival, or the endless stretch of pristine beach – is often along the road less travelled.

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Our History

The ancient past is not far away. Discover 400 million year-old fossils, experience the lore and traditions of the Mi'kmaq people, and walk the wharves where Celtic culture arrived in the New World aboard the Ship Hector in 1773.

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Our Climate

We've got lots of sunshine, warm summers and autumns, and crisp, clear winters. The influence of the Northumberland Strait gives our region a climate that warms up quickly in the spring and delivers enough snow for outdoor fun in the winter.

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Explore by Seasons

We love the fun, flavours, and festivals of our four seasons and so will you. You might call them spring, summer, autumn and winter, but we tend to divide up the calendar into maple sugar; beach and golf; leaves and music; ice wine and skiing.

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