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Authentic. That’s the nature of this place – a land and seascape of rugged shore and endless sky; of shipwrecks and seabirds and colossal surf; of history and hospitality where the fishing fleets still take to the sea in boats bearing the names of beloved mothers and wives and where the woman who brings you your fish and chips is quite likely to call you “dear”. This is the Eastern Shore. This is the stretch of Nova Scotia that reaches from the runways of historic Shearwater and the second oldest aerodrome in Canada where the proud history of our airborne service is housed in the Aviation Museum to the dramatic outcroppings of Canso and four-hundred years of history embedded in the Canso Islands National Historic Site.

This is winter surfing catching epic waves along a point break so sweet you’ve just got to tweet home about it. This is summer sandcastle contests where, in what feels like the first time since forever, the kids are happy and doing something creative, outdoors, together. This is a tiny community museum preserving and honouring the simple, stoic fisherman’s life. This Sherbrooke Village Museum – 80 buildings and acre after acre of carefully restored 1800s life faithfully recreated in the largest museum complex in the Nova Scotia Museum network. This is the haunting, heart-achingly beautiful voice of a folksinger filling the sky on a summer night overlooking the sea at a festival honouring Canada’s native son, Stan Rogers and the living legacy of his music. This is a winter walk along a secluded beach where flocks of Canada Geese take to the skies from the ice in a breathtaking burst of sound and action. All this and more is Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. You’re welcome. Come explore.

Learn more about Our History

Our History

Step back into our captivating past with a visit to the historic shores of a tiny island where battles for control of the continent once raged or explore our hardworking heritage in lighthouses and gold mines, railway cars.

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Learn more about Our Climate

Our Climate

No matter where you are along the Eastern Shore, you can’t escape the influence of the ocean. We thank the sea for our moderate climate with cool springs, temperate summers, lingering falls and hearty winters.

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Explore the Eastern Shore by Seasons

Explore by Seasons

We enjoy four distinctively beautiful seasons that take us from the first maple syrup tapped off in springtime to summer seakayaking, autumn’s awesome foliage and wicked winter surfing.

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