Explore the Northumberland Shore by Season

Each of our seasons has its own appealing flavour; its own distinctive flair. As the weather changes from the cool days of spring to the sundrenched days of summer to the bursting colours of autumn and the crisp, clear snow white days of winter, you'll discover so do our seasonal delights from outdoor activities to festivals and events to fabulous food and dining . Indulge your taste buds at our maple sugar festivals, in restaurants where chefs celebrate our world-famous blueberry harvests, at farm markets overflowing with local apples in autumn and artisanal cheeses and specialty meats, and of course, in the annual excitement of the Ice Wines Festival.

Explore all the ways to create a great active vacation from summer picnics in one of our 20 provincial parks or at one of our 39 beautiful sand beaches, to a fall golf tour of our eleven courses with a pitstop at the Tatamagouche Oktoberfest, the largest Oktoberfest east of Ontario; to a snowshoeing expedition on a winter day followed by a romantic fireside dinner at night. No matter when you visit, there's lots to love.

Learn about Northumberland Shore in the Spring


Roadside farm markets open their doors. Birds return to feast on the salt marshes. Baby lambs romp in country fields. The lobster fleet takes to the waves once again. Spring is abuzz and abloom with life and activity.

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Learn about Northumberland Shore in the Summer


It's sunshine, seabirds, and sandcastle contests. It's chowder and the most exquisite blueberry pie you've ever sampled at a community supper. It's a memorable evening at a riverside music festival. It's the way summer should be.

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Learn about Northumberland Shore in the Winter


We think of winter as the season of warmth. You'll find it in the romance of a weekend getaway snuggled up in a country inn, to apr├Ęs ski by the fire after an afternoon on the trails, and in the warm welcome you'll find at a pub ceilidh.

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Learn about Northumberland Shore in the Fall


Bright, sunny days and cool, crisp evenings make autumn an awesome time to tee off, to take a hike, head out on an art tour, or celebrate the richness of our Celtic culture at one of our annual fall festivals.

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