Our History and Culture

History and Culture of Eastern Shore

Dinosaurs. Ancient rock formations carved by the eternal action of the tides. Epic legends of the earth’s very creation from the first people who walked this province. Monuments to a man from Europe who set foot on North America’s shores a century or so before Columbus. It just doesn’t get older than this.

Every aspect of our Three Shores history – human and geological - has been shaped by the sea that surrounds us. The largest tidal range on earth created a climate and environment hospitable to huge populations of dinosaurs a couple of hundred million years ago. And those same tides carved stories of the earth in the rocks and cliffs of our shoreline, revealing in recent times, the largest caches of Triassic-Jurassic era fossils ever found in North America.

The sea gave shape to the creation tales of the Mi’maq people. According to the spiritual stories of the Mi’kmaq, it was Glooscap, the mythic man-god who lived atop the bluffs of imposing Blomidon, who created the towering flowerpot and the Five Islands geological formations in the Bay of Fundy, and who gave the earth the massive tides of Fundy when he smashed a giant beaver dam punishing a disrespectful beaver.

The sea brought the influx of Acadians, of Scottish Immigrants by the tens of thousands, and Loyalists whose traditions, cultures, and music define our way of life today. Those same settlers shaped thriving industries whose history is here for you to explore. Stories of invention, creativity, bravery, and determination that gave rise to shipbuilding, lumber, gold mining and fishing industries that were at the epicentre of world trade in times gone by. Explore the stories of our founding cultures in towns and villages across Three Shores.

From Canso Islands National Historic Site to the Joggins Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site , to any one of the dozens of museums like the Northumberland Fisheries Museum , there are all kinds of ways to get happily lost in our captivating past.