About the Fundy Shore

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Northeast of the Annapolis Valley, east of the New Brunswick border and sitting between Windsor and Amherst is a coastal region that “epic” is really the only word to describe it.

Where the world’s highest tides from the Bay of Fundy collide with the currents of the golden Minas Basin, you’ll come face to face with fossils almost as old as the Earth herself. You’ll see towering sea stacks that stand like massive, natural sentinels along a spectacular shoreline. You’ll ride the rare phenomenon known as the Tidal Bore – a rising, falling, wave-crashing, face-splashing thrill fest created when outgoing river currents slam into the massive force of the largest tidal range on the planet. You’ll come across waterfalls, wilderness camp sites, and sunsets that are simply breathtaking. You’ll make discoveries that you wouldn’t expect to see in the heart of Nova Scotia, like a massive mastodon and historic coal mines. And the things you’d expect to see, like lighthouses, freshly-landed lobster and long days on a clear, quiet stretch of beach, are even more wonderful when you experience them in all their Fundy Shore glory.

This is land that gave rise to the creation myths of Glooscap, the man-god of the Mi’kmaq people. This is where you’ll find a thriving professional theatre shaped out of a ship’s hull. This is where the water gives way twice a day to the primordial history and mysteries of Mother Nature. This great, big, breathtaking experience is the Fundy Shore.

Learn more about Our History

Our History

Whether you’re taking a guided tour of a beach rich with fossils or experiencing a historic re-enactment in a loyalist community, history never felt this cool before.

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Learn more about Our Climate

Our Climate

The world’s highest tides shape just about every aspect of life in our region, especially the weather. With cool springs, moderate summers, long, lovely autumns and temperate winters, that’s a good thing.

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Explore the Fundy Shore by Seasons

Explore by Seasons

From spring cycling to summer festivals celebrating Mi’kmaq heritage, to autumn golf on a seaside course, to the skiing, hiking, and fireside dining winter brings, we celebrate the flavours and flair of every season.

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